JavaTrek is a small Java game in the spirit of EGA Trek. It was created by Andrew Killam as a personal, on-the-side, project.

As captain, your task is to hunt down enemy ships, rearming and repairing at bases as need be, amassing as many points as possible before being destroyed. Each kill not only improves your score but increases the experience of the crew; a ship system may be upgraded with each level of experience gained.

It's a game ideal for filling short breaks.

Why Is JavaTrek Here?

I've listed JavaTrek under "Projects" because I've unofficially and, it would be fair to say, unethically modified it. How did this come to be?

Shortly after playing the game for the first time I discovered a bug where firing energy weapons decreased the ship's maximum energy capacity. At that point I did two things: tried to contact the author by email (good!), and decompiled (bad!) the program to see if I could fix it and provide a patch.

Unfortunately I did not get a reply to the email. Given how the author's site quickly went down a few months later I guess the site and its email had already been abandoned. I tried the address given in the game, but also had no luck there.

On the up side, I fixed the bug. Since that time I've tinkered with JavaTrek a bit more when I feel like a change of pace.

A Request

Mr. Killam, if you're out there, please contact me. I would be happy to hear from you, even if it is was just to receive a demand to stop tinkering and making JavaTrek available for download.


javatrek.jar (v1.3.67M7). Built with OpenJDK 6 on 22 March 2010.