As a software developer I've embarked on a number of personal projects with varying degrees of success or completion; interests come and go even if sentimental value and lessons remain.


Simple small-scale web development is where I go when I feel like programming for fun and kudos. It's a fun and practical way to make a big difference for a small site, and a small difference for potentially thousands of fellow web denizens.


Turbo Trek 2

Turbo Trek 2 (TT2) is a remake of the old MS-DOS game, Turbo Trek (TT). Central to the effort is mirroring TT's object and scenario editors. As a very-long running project, it continues to evolve as I learn new techniques; incorporating these lessons has resulted in numerous rewrites and delays. Design patterns change everything...

This is a work-in-progress.


JavaTrek is a game created Andrew Killam, who was inspired by EGA Trek. After playing it little I discovered a few bugs but was unable to contact the author (the email addresses were invalid.) As a result, I decompiled the bytecode and made a few bugxies and changes.

Although this happened some time ago, it would still be wonderful to pass the code back to Mr. Killam (as something of a half-apology/half-complement). Alas, I have been unable to find a valid email address.


Is It Here Yet?

Is It Here Yet? (IIHY?) is a simple Android application that shows transit vehicle arrival time predictions for a particular stop. The application uses data provided by the NextBus public Internet XML feed.

IIHY? is free software released under the General Public License.

Web Applications


Foghorn is a web-based project management system completed in May 2010. It was developed over a year by a team of four students, including myself, to fulfil a degree program requirement. The client for the project was NRT Technology Corporation. Foghorn's design carried out in UML, with the final implementation being done using Microsoft ASP.NET with C# code behind, and SQL Server.

Notable features include AJAX-enhanced web interface, customizable user access control and management, and extensive change logging.

I had the pleasure of working with Kaitlyn Callow, Tommy Lee, and Steven Weerdenburg.